31 October Thursday

We will arrive to Mardin airport at 08:20. We will meet with our guide and head to Old Mardin. Today most of the day, we will be on foot discovering the cities. Following our breakfast, we will visit Kasımiye Madrasah where we will see Eyvan, Mosque, pond of life. We will go to sightseeing point over Kızıltepe Plain and start to follow the path of Mesopotamia Civilisation.
We will trek down the Mardin through the streets of this Middle Aged city which we will see Ulu Mosque, Abbaralar, Zinciriye Madrasah, House of Sahtana. Another beautiful seeing will be Deyrul Zafaran Monastery that served as patriarchate of Suryani community for a long time and currently in status of Metropoliten.
Our next stop will be at Houses Mor Yakup Priest. We will stop for a group meditation here, which will be led by our teacher, Nihan.
Following the meditation, we are heading to Midyat and check-in to our hotel that is a restoration of a 1600 years aged mansion. We will have our first yoga class at the terrace of this historical hotel. We will end the day with dinner.



1 November Friday

We will start the day with yoga. Following the practice and breakfast, we will go to Urfa. Our journey to İpekyolu will be through Kızıltepe and Viransehir. Our first stop will be at a very interesting village named Sumatar.
Covered with Suryani writings, engraves from Sin and Samas civilizations and temples devoted for planets, this is a village with Paleolithic traces. And this will be our meditation point with its energy field of thousands of years.
And our last stop for day is magnificient Gobeklitepe. As the first temple of civilization dated by 12.000 years, we will dive deep into this energy.
After leaving Gobeklitepe, we will go to our second hotel; Sehrazat Konak. We will have two options for evening, either we will have some rest and let the energy of the day settles or we can join to a special dinner named Sira, a folkloric tradition of the region.


2 November Saturday

We will start day with yoga. Today we will visit Turkey’s newest and biggest museum; Urfa Museum and Mosaic museum.
We will discover the local tastes, colors and texture of the region while visiting Urfa Castle, Balıklıgöl, Gümrükhan and Haşımiye Historical Bazaar. We will have free time in the bazaar for shopping and for some rest.
Trekking down the historical streets, we will puse for meditation in this historical atmosphere.


3 November Sunday

Following the breakfast we are going to Eyüp Makamı and we will go to Harran. Known as the first university in the world, we will see Historical Harran University and we will practice our yoga in this gorgeous atmosphere. Castle of Harran and Harran Houses will be other places that we will see.
We will start for our journey back after. We will leave these magical places with many colors, tales and magic inside us.

Revealing The Mystery: Yoga in Gobeklitepe
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