Shmayaa Hotel

Shmayaa Otel is a magnificent mansion, which has been dwelling at the Aramean district for 1600 years, located in Midyat, the most prominent ancient city of Mesopotamia where different religions and cultures meet.

Shmayaa Hotel is located İn Midyat, Mardin, just above Midyat Silversmith Bazaar and located in the middle of Churches.

With its authentic architecture, it presents the most beatiful pieces of embroidered stone works, we will stay in a very special atmosphere and feel the spirit of Mesopotamia history.
Shehrazat Konagi

Shehzarat Konagi is a mansion like a tale of thousand of years. With magnificent embroidered stone works, this mansion consists of three floors, two yards and two terraces. Every floor has its own authentic atmosphere and this mansion is a perfect architectural example of Urfa culture.

Its rooms with historical textures, we will be hosted by Shehrazat mansion in its mystical environment and sense the whole experience of the landscape.
Revealing The Mystery: Yoga in Gobeklitepe
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