Accomodation in Double room, per person
2200 tl + vat

Fee includes;
Accomodation of 3 nights in boutique hotels + breakfast
Dinner for 2 nights
Airport transfers
 4 days transfer with luxury buses 
4 days professional tourist guidance
Travel insurance
TURSAB Travel Agency Security
Fee excludes;
Airfare fee
Lunches and drinks
Special dinner event (Sıra)
Museum entrance fees
Personel expenses
Flight recommendations:
İstanbul Atatürk Airport – Mardin Airport 06:25 THY
Şanlıurfa GAP Airport - İstanbul Atatürk Airport 16:25 THY
Uçuş önerileri:
İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı-Mardin Havalimanı 06:25 THY
Şanlıurfa GAP Havalimanı-İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı 16:25 THY

Revealing The Mystery: Yoga in Gobeklitepe
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