Are you ready to discover a whole new direction in the way you see and practice Yoga?
In this workshop, we will weave the basic anatomy of muscles, joints and bones together, looking into how knowledge presents itself as experience.
The neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, lower back, hips, kneeand anklewill be the main joints we’ll be talking about. We’ll see what each of these joints contribute to, the injuries they can suffer and discuss what we can do to treat any soft tissue related problem that may occur in each of them. After all, recognizing joint related injuries in others and ourselves before it’s too late and directing them to a professional or structuring the practice in a way that supports the healing process is paramount to the practice of Yoga.
We’ll seek answers to the question ‘Is it bone compression or is it soft tissue related tightness?’
By applying Paul Grilley’s “Joint Tests” to each other, we will be able to see how minute changes in our bone structures can affect the type and quality of our practice.
The 6 Rules of Movementwill pave the road to getting deeper in Yoga through body awareness.
While the Range of Motion Testswill offer us a quick and practical way to scan our bodies for an organic practiceFoundation Training Systemwill enable us to build a strong foundation for the life that is lived through Yoga.
Functional Anatomy for Yoga Practiceworkshop is an amalgam of various techniques that will enable you to see everything you’ve known under a fresh new light; offering a way to put them together in creative and constructive ways. 
Let’s Move Together!

Functional Anatomy for Yoga Practice
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