We are going to a very special place that is very nearby but will feel like a far away place with its unique energy. We will wake ourselves up to spring with Deniz Bagan at Zelis’s Farm.
Leaving the winter behind, we will wake up to spring with a special designed program. We will start to days with meditation by Deniz. We will warm our bodies through flows and continue the day with somatic and deep works carried throughout the day. We will end the days with yin yoga and meditation.
We will also do the work to nourish ourselves. We will touch to the plants; we will learn how to grow them. Our hands will meet the soil and its fertility. 
We will have fire meditations, silent walks by the lake and we will face the silence within.
The whole schedule is aimed to touch to all elements. Our host, Zelis’s Farm is waiting for us with all their hospitality. 
If you feel a call to release, to rest and listen your inner thoughts in nature, if you need to feel a fresh sense, we are waiting you to join us.
Let Your Hearth Rest Let Your Hearth Rest
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