Our fifth year, fifth festival, fifth element; Spirited Away
31 May – 3 June at Kabak Valley

We welcome you to our fest, last time in our dear valley, with a great excitement. We are grateful that you let us witness your stories, yoga journeys so far.
We saw the paths opened inside each of you, witnessed how your stories changed, watched your happiness, sadness, loves, the way you changed your lives. Every year, just for four days, we saw you; stripped from your identities, your jobs, homes, we saw you in your most free spirit and we loved each of you so much.
This year we want to celebrate this and want to thank to this fairy tale that happened.
Spirited Away will be a celebration of excaping to a dream from this world. Our intention for this year is “to go beyond”. To go beyond our current states, our habits, beyond what is known, beyond our comfort zone. To explore what is there, what is our fear, what will life offer us if we dare to take a step further? These are our questions that we will chase up this year.
We invite you to pack your questions, dreams, intentions and wishes and join us. Spirited Away, a Dream adventure is calling you!
DYF 2018 - Spirited Away
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