Dreamers will meet at Back2Kabak on May 24th in the magic of Kabak Valley with inspiring teachers Lara Zilibowitz and Brooke Elliston.
We will search for the query if we can sustain power and grace, purity and beauty, knowledge and magic together.
Through meditative movement, creative expression and divine play, whilst immersed in nature’s most exquisiteplaygrounds, we will learn to attune to the body’s natural rhythms and innate intelligence, that has known the answers all along. 
We will wake up to vinyasa classes themed of earth, fire, love and end the days with serenity of yin yoga and yoga nidra. Circlesi mandalas will follow acroyoga and Zen Thai Shiatsu classes. We will have fire pits, sound healing meditations, chanting and we will leave our inner voice and intentions to the valley.

Be our guests if you missed feeling truly free, joyful and inspired.
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