"reTREAT yourSELF vol.2" is about nourishing, pampering and renewing ourselves...

As the summer draws to a close, together we will take a break to refresh and get ready for the winter to come.

The event schedule consists of amazing workshops and teachers who are the best in what they do. With long classes, we will go deeper; we hope that each and every class will bring you the answer you seek, becomes a cure for your inner being. 

In Oludeniz, we will relax against an incomprehensible landscape in Lykia Liberty's comfortable rooms, surrounded by the soul warming Mediterranean colors, luscious scents and a self-absorbing beauty. We will eat from a buffet of mind-numbing variety after which we will leave our bodies in the hands of experts in Turkey's most renown Spa chain, Sanitas. The rest of the day will be adorned with rejuvenating turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Endow yourself this present and join us in a new, exquisite DYE adventure. Let us see what will come up and change in us when we learn to love and appreciate our true selves. Let the journey begin!

reTREAT yourSELF! vol.2 Sept 28 - Oct 1
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