Whilst the freshness of April, we wanted to follow the stories arising within us in a city we didn’t see before. In the endless shimmer of the Adriatic, in Dubrovnik at 12-15 April, with guidance of Yeşim Cimcoz, we will follow the magics of stories and words.
During our walks in Old Town, watching the beauty of city from the ancient walls, we will learn to reach to the fountain of stories. In Lokrum island, surrounded by inspiring beauty of nature, we will read our first writings to each other. We will see the Sponza Palace and surrounded by ancient sophisticated architecture, maybe we will create a new character to our story.
4 days of exploration in Dubrovnik will be exploration of both this fairy city as well as ourselves. While creating our characters on paper, maybe we will write a new story of ourselves too ;)
Game of Writers
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