Four weekend gathering with Petros for those wants to carry their practice to a step further and gain a deeper understanding with a new perspective.
Through regular gatherings throughout year, we will go through a transformative experience with practice classes and also delve into the roots of these experiences through theory classes.
We will have study material after each gathering for the next one. We are on our way to self development and self knowledge through a continuous and intimate work. If you also feel ready to change and progress, we can’t wait to meet you.
In workshops that will be held on March (10-11 March) and May (12-13 May), we will have full two days with classes of practice and theory to work on Asana, Vinyasa, Prana and Bandha.
Our July (21-22 July) and September (29-30 September), we will work more on teaching and hands on practices.
Our gatherings will be completed after an intensive retreat in Kabak Valley in October (17-21 October).
To advance in your yoga practice, join us in this incredible journey.
4 Weekends with Petros: Yoga Physiology and Psychology
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